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What are Super Saver Specials?
A Super Saver Special is the opportunity of a NHE member to utilize any "unreserved" inventory that has been deposited into NHE. An NHE member can purchase a week regardless of where the member owns their time share or what size unit they own.

When can I make reservations for Super Saver Specials?
These unreserved weeks open for Super Saver Specials 30 days prior to the start of the available week.

How often can I take advantage of these Super Saver Specials?
Each member of NHE can use up to two (2) per year.

How much do Super Saver Specials cost?
Domestic inventory can start as low as $229 per week. International inventory start as low as $385 per week.

Can my family and friends use my Super Saver Specials?
A member is allowed to make a reservation for someone else, however, the member must purchase a Guest Certificate for the guest checking into the resort. Only the person whose name is on the reservation will be allowed to check in.

How much does a Guest Certificate cost?
When a guest certificate is purchased in conjunction with a Super Saver, it is $100. When purchased in conjunction with a member's exchange reservation, it is $25.

Can I cancel a Super Saver Special?
If a Super Saver reservation is cancelled, there is no refund, regardless of circumstances.

Can I put a Super Saver Special on hold?
To be fair to all members, these units are first come first served only. We do not create waiting lists for Super Saver Specials. Please feel free to call as often as you like. We also accept emails to check availability.

Special Note: As enjoyable as the Super Saver Specials program is for all NHE members, the usage restrictions must be adhered to. Feel free to call us anytime or as often as you wish to check availability.

Our number is 800-332-1027

We are here to assist you in your vacation planning.

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