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Exchange Rates* Confirmed Reservations' Terms & Conditions



Anywhere in the Continental USA; same size unit; same color time.



Caribbean or Europe ; same size unit; same color time.



Per upgrade, color of time, size of unit. Upgrades in the Daytona/Ormond Beach area can only be confirmed 30 days prior to check in date. Upgrades are also subject to exchange fees.

Guest Certificates



Owners allowing friends or family to use member's deposited unit.

  For non-members utilizing an owners' Super Saver Vacation.

Super Saver Specials

Starting at $229.00

Super Savers can be reserved 30 days to 2 days prior to travel dates. Two (2) Super Saver Vacations per owner per year. Based upon availability with limited inventory. NHE Super Savers are for personal use and cannot be rented-see guest certificate information. No cancellations on Super Saver Specials.

Cancellation Policy

Travel Protection



If the exchange is canceled 30 days or more  for US and Caribbean Destinations  (60 days or more advance notice for International destinations) before the start date of the week, there is a $49.00 cancellation fee and you will still have deposited week to travel against-pending the expiration date.

Another exchange fee will be required for a new exchange. If the exchange is canceled less the required notification from the start date of week, the entire exchange fee is forfeited and the deposited week is forfeited.

NHE will not be responsible for acts of nature, war or any other inconvenience to guest beyond our control. NHE will attempt to make alternative accommodations, but will not be liable if we cannot do so. If this is a concern for you, we suggest travel insurance.

We suggest member's purchase NHE Travel Protection. This allows member to cancel their confirmed exchange reservation at least 1 business day prior to arrival. Member will receive the exchange fee back, and will have their week available to travel -per the original expiration date. Cancellation must be received in writing to NHE.

* Subject to change without notice.

Confirmed Reservations' Terms & Conditions

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