New Horizons Exchange

. No Annual Membership Fee

. Domestic Exchange Rates Start @ $99

. International Exchange Rates Start @ $139

. "Super Saver Specials" Starting @ $229

. Each NHE member entitled to purchase up to 2 "Super Saver Specials" per year

.COST FREE SEARCHING - Means we will be happy to search for travel requests for you without "GIVING-UP" your owner's week. Exchange searches can be started up to 18 months prior to your anticipated travel dates.

.CUSTOMER CARE you can count on. We work "outside the box". We will use all means available to ensure a great vacation!

Call us today to bank your week so we can begin the search for your exchange. It is easy to deposit with NHE. Simply, click on the "Deposit Form" tab at the top or bottom of this page.
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Our Fax # is 386-236-1089. Our Phone # is 386-236-1088
Address: 240 S. Atlantic Ave., Ormond Beach, FL 32176
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